5 thoughts on “Can We Really Make It 20 This Season?

  1. Of couse we can, but we definetly depend on the f*ckin citizens.

    Chicharito, Valencia, Welbeck and Nani will lead us to the victory!

    Glory ManUnited!! Here comes the 20th

  2. cannot agree with much of this other than that injuries are our biggest obstacle to retaining the title….which is fairly obvious anyway!
    it is certainly old news to be complaining about the lack of leadership in our team, especially when you make out a captain needs to have a fiery side to them, and that we dont have anyone?!
    (IMO Rooney will never make a good captain anyway, fiery side on show or not!)
    as for a bitter pill and a kick in the teeth provoking SAF into buying someone in the summer….well, i suppose you are one who has been almost “desperate” for SAF to go and buy someone for 30m to appease your short sightedness…….just ask yourself how a lad like Pogba can get into a team already packed with midfielders when you go out and buy someone like sneijder? very difficult…far better to use the squad you have already and blood youths slowly and carefully….ie, when your winning 2-0 at home to stoke rather than struggling to get a draw at home to blackburn like you suggested pogba could have been used previously!
    long live SAF…i think he is the only guy in england who knows what needs to be done at a football club to achieve long term success……you would think most utd fans would have learnt a thing or two over the last 25yrs….clearly not!

  3. If City win it I don’t mind at least the trophy stays in Manchester. It been some revelation in what Mancini has done and is doing in his second full season in charge. They scored 60 goals as much as what they score the whole of last season. They are on a low but it will be interesting to see how long it takes.

  4. I know what you feel like. It’s that nagging niggling feeling at the back of the head which says it isn’t ours this year. I ain’t no pessimist, but that thought seems unshakeable. I agree with Joe^, I would be heartbroken if citeh were to win the title, but you can’t say they haven’t deserved it. Injuries be damned, teams such as Blackburn should have been put to the sword at old Trafford, but look how that ended up. If we do lose, we can’t end up like chess players blaming everything from the wind outside to afternoon tea for the defeat.

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