2 thoughts on “The Great Moyes debate

  1. Direct message to Moyes: Do the honourable thing and get out!
    You are taking a generous salary under false pretences. You are conning your employers, the shareholders, the players and above all, the many millions of global ManUnited fans. None of them deserve what you are doing to them.

  2. I relish the day when I read a headline ‘Moyes Sacked’

    Non of the shareholders (fans, club owners, players) deserve the sour results they earned . I was surprised that a football elite in the name of Fergie saw Moyes as a successor. I see no better reason than being scottish. We are in 7th position (Everton’s favoured position during Moyes)a true reflection of a failier. What has changed at Everton to transform to 4th position -basically the coach. They got rid of the garbbage and we picked it up.

    Moyes, we shall always remember you as a heroin -please respect the stakeholders and resign. You don’t even deserve the assistant position at Everton now -what are you doing here.

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