2 thoughts on “United Blow Their Chance

  1. I know this is all rather academic now especially as the season rather like van ego is all done and dusted now.
    However I would like to make one point if I may, the reason why the Man U bus came under such scrutiny wasn’t because of the mindless actions of a few.
    But because of the actions of the police who due to the bus being hours late, tried to unsubtley force it through supporters who were so tightly packed together they had nowhere else to go.

    While there can be no excuse for violence of any kind it could be argued that by such an incident a potentially serious incident was prevented.

    Furthermore, the whole unsavoury and potentially disastrous incident could of been prevented if the bus had set of at a decent time.

    Also You would have thought Man U would have learned their lesson from their being so late for the spuds game less than a month earlier. Obviously not.

    Due to its location Upton Park is a notorious ground in which to get to and from on match days. Saturdaysare bad enough but on a week night under the lights, they are nigh on impossible.
    Factor in the occasion and it being the last game ever at the old lady it is not hard to imagine a few fans without tickets might turn up to pay their respects. (30,000) packed the streets around the Boleyn ground.

    Finally the police policies must also be called into question. I’m not normally one to criticise the police but their policy of “kettling” is not only questionable but downright dangerous where large crowds are concerned.

    Ultimately this story is rather old news now but on this particular point I still believe it was worth raising, even if it was only as an important footnote.

  2. ‘gift West Ham two goals in the space of five minutes’ what a load of bollocks. West Ham were the better team and tore the lead from their opponents and fully deserved their win.

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