Federico Macheda

Rooney has a heavy dose of both greed AND envy

You must know what it’s like when you’re in the middle of working on something then having your attention drawn to another matter which makes you so angry that you forget what you were doing in the first place. While in the middle of writing about an entirely different subject, a headline from the Mail Online came through which stated “Wayne Rooney: I am too good for Manchester United – even though Sir Alex Ferguson has landed 35 trophies”. Nothing but sheer arrogance!

Greavsie insists that Roo's smoking is no big deal

You’ve heard of Jimmy Greaves of course, everyone has even though he stopped playing nearly 40 years ago. Greaves was one of the greatest goal scorers England has ever produced which makes his recent comments in The People newspaper about Wayne Rooney being photographed smoking a cigarette quite interesting. And Roo is not the only current Manchester United player to enjoy having a puff as photos of Dimitar Berbatov and Federico Macheda clearly show. The world cup winner argues that it never did him any harm nor will it damage anyone else. In a piece titled “What’s so bad about Wayne Rooney having a fag?” Greaves presents a highly debatable point of view but guess what? It’s an opinion that this long time smoker totally agrees with!