14 thoughts on “The three ugliest players in the Premier League!

  1. Shame our Luke Chadwick is no longer around!

    And Jeff is right, surely there’s someone out there uglier than Sagna.

  2. You’re right Jeff, Kolo Toure should have been there instead of Sagna but Citeh already have one representative in Carlitos!

  3. Come on Horace, judging the good looks of guys is not something I can claim to be an expert at but there has to be worse – much worse, than Obertan in the league.

  4. omfg yh dirk kuyt easily. Rooney is uglier than sagna so theres quite a lot to choose in the “uglier than sagna” department. Busquets if this was a ugliest football players full stop. Ozil too xD

  5. What about Modric? He looks like a little witch 🙂 Kuyt looks like that creature from the Goonies “Me Love Chunk” . Special mention for Franck Ribery and a historical hats off to Ian ‘Davros’ Dowie the king of em all 🙂

  6. Jaysus hell, wotever next who gives a flying rats arse how ugly they are!I suggest finding out their cock sizes and wether they are a Top or a Bottom before you go out on a date with them!:)
    Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all.Red Scot. ;

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