65 thoughts on “The mystery of Ryan Giggs Wembley absence

  1. I think I know what you are hinting at, it crossed my mind to but no it wasn’t that (I hope).

  2. I desperately hope that you’re right Chudi. It’s a delicate matter so words have to be chosen very carefully.

  3. I sorta thought along the same lines regards Ryan Giggs! There was a rumour I heard somewhere he was involved in some clandestine skullduggery of the Wayne Rooney type.I dont want to think its true, to jeopardize his knighthood to Sir Ryan of Salford.
    There is very little leads to check this out, hopefully just some malicious ABU,concocting a story to cause disharmony in our ranks.We shall find out!
    I hope we have smiles all round, anyway for all us United supporters,after a pretty depressing Saturday evening.
    From the jaws of victory,Arsenal snatch a defeat.

  4. Heavy wembley pitch, history of hammys, why risk? Ie -Owen league cup final. Not worth it, might be for last match of season.

  5. I dont understand the “Cloak and Dagger” approach here in this article,is there an underlying agenda?Its simple really Ryan was away recieving a chest waxing.
    Its not rocket science.:D

  6. No underlying agenda whatsoever RedScot – and it’s not meant to be “Cloak and Dagger” stuff. Just an Old Fart who cannot help being inquisitive…and concerned

  7. @The Boss, in fairness you raised the article and the discussion points.We have not heard what Chudi, from the great United blog the Busby Way, view nor your own?
    Thats my point it appears like George Orwell 1994 in this article!

  8. Come on RedScot! Are you really comparing me to the great George Orwell – please don’t insult old George! Sorry mate, we’re talking about 1984 not ’94 so you’re ten years out. My point of view is that what I wrote is nothing more than pure speculation without foundation – as was clearly admitted in the article. It’s all about an inquisitive mind which cannot help asking questions.

  9. @ THe boss, tisk tisk I made an error,1994, jaysus! Not meant? lol. of course I throw a red herring in!lol
    I know its speculation Boss, I just dont want to believe it.
    Yer never an old fart in my eyes, if you cant read and digest from more mature United fans, what have we got……No history.
    I just want the best for United, and nothing, will detract me from this.

  10. Giggsy hasn’t played two games in 4 days in about 5 years. He takes a few days to recoved from games at his age. Nothing more to it than that.

  11. Didn’t Fergie say that the FA Cup is his 3rd priority? Anyway, we would have won the game if not for the Carrick mistake, so on paper, Giggs is not required for this game, esp. after watching City implode against L’pool.

    Good thing Giggs didn’t play. We need him for the CL.

  12. Clearly understood Hunts. But 15/20 minutes late in the game or extra time if it got to that? Surely, he would have been up for that!

  13. Not saying for one moment that Giggsy would have changed the result in1voice. Just curious, very, very curious!

  14. I’d say it was no more than giving him a rest. He put in a magnificent performance in a very demanding game on Tuesday. I’d also suspect the heavy pitch was a factor. We need his experience in the CL and we don’t want to risk losing him for the the run in and I’d say that is what’s behind the decision to give him a rest – he’s 37 after all.

    The team that played was good enough to beat city and we had the chances most notably Berbatov but depsite all of his goals this season he hasn’t convinced as much as we would all like him to.

    Carrick made a stupid mistake – just another reason to wonder why they signed him for another 3 seasons.

  15. Very true about Giggs murty but I must still ask – 15-20 minutes on a heavy pitch after spending much of the game relaxing on the bench?

  16. not sure if giggs would have made much difference although he does always play well against city, on the day city would have won if rooney had played, city were up for it and get ready for more years of defeat to city cos we will only get stronger!

  17. Hi mick, belfast watch your ass as Stoke will destroy you! Win something & then boast of what ever you want..

  18. Fair point mick, hard to disagree but you must also remember that one swallow does not make a summer – or something like that! Portsmouth defeated United by the same scoreline in the Cup at Old Trafford just three years ago then went on to lift the trophy. Where’s Portsmouth now?

    Only time will tell where City may be in a few years from now.

  19. ok guys, yeah you reds know city fans better than anyone else, we NEVER take anything for granted, we’re the worlds biggest sceptics, our glass is always half empty! lol….just got a feeling that this might actually be the start of our swing on the old swings and roundabouts!
    Frank, i’ve read a few of your posts and you seem a genuine type of guy , usually quite fair in your writing, you’ve made me laugh a few times.
    good luck in the future, apart from derbies off course!! lol.

  20. Ok Frank a lot of us have heard the rumours. Hopefully theres no truth in it. Im just curious though. Whats the point in this blog post? You ask the question but dont want anyone to give the answer. You say you dont want speculation yet you invite it. Im sure many people who read this will go off an scour the internet for the rumour and then spread it to others. Would it not be better as a United fan to not add to the speculation and let it die out as quickly as possible. The last thing the club needs right now is another scandal.

  21. I think that bastxrd Bernstein had him kidnapped. In the real world though I think your gonna find that Giggs is the latest Utd player to have been playing away from home behind his wife’s back, so fergie has kept him out of the limelight!

  22. Startling levels of naivety by some on here.

    Ask yourself this, why has no journalist asked Ferguson why Giggs wasn’t included in the squad?

  23. Incredibly disappointed by this blog post

    The whole world and his mother know why Giggs was omitted from the squad. Yet u have written an article with a provocative title so u will get lots of hits and views…yet all u say is ..”I’m curious”

    It’s a shame when club fans use tabloidism to obtain hits rather than quality of opinion

    Shame on u mate. Your site just joined a long list of sensationalist crap blogs.

    I hope u delete this article rather than face the shame from true Reds

    Very disappointed

  24. this thread aint doing anyone any favors. remember loose lips sink ships and we need everyone pulling together to land us some silverware so let saf do what he does best and sort out his team and any problem and we will do what we do best and support them all the way. simples.

  25. Maybe the writer is unaware of something called the League Championship, which is infinitely more important than the cup organised by the most inept football association, no make that any association whatsoever, in the world. And we do actually have a very, very, very important game Tuesday night. If there is anyone able to juggle the team to the very best overall effect, it surely is our manager. Lets get behind the team for this incredibly exciting run-in!

  26. There has never been any problem with us accepting critical comments for what’s written, as a matter of fact. alternative viewpoints are more than welcome. You can all rest assured however that this site has never been a money making exercise therefore ‘hits and views’ are the last thing that’s considered.

    Unlike guys like sw who claim that ‘a lot of us have heard the rumours’ or RobB ‘The whole world and his mother know why Giggs was omitted from the squad’, I had never heard a single thing about this matter which is why my words had to be chosen very carefully.

    Perhaps berto makes the most pertinent comment when he says ‘Ask yourself this, why has no journalist asked Ferguson why Giggs wasn’t included in the squad’. That fact alone raises even more questions.

    Some have questioned the point of this article which is fair enough. The bottom line is I was hoping that someone may have knowledge which could rule Giggs out of the equation. The very last thing I want is to see any harm done to the club so if that’s the way this article came across then I certainly regret it.

  27. I think the author has to be respected for whatever in his mind.. I agree that we missed the creativity of Giggsy against Citeh … he could play and be rested the next game against Newcastle … this way he will be fresh for the champions league..and the result against citeh would be different … all the best for us to win the double 🙂

  28. If you have any sense at all and if you truly love United, you should remove this post.
    It’s just stupid. Everybody is happy not to talk about Giggsy’s ommision, yet you have to stoke the fire.

  29. I will be happy to remove this post MU4e once I’m convinced that your opinion is shared by most United fans. No mate, I’m certainly not attempting to stoke any fire because I desperately hope that a fire does not even exist. All Sir Alex had to say was that “We have a massive game at Newcastle on Tuesday night and Giggs needs to be rested for that”. Instead we have a deafening silence from Old Trafford and more ominously, from the normally savvy journalists. Is the alternative to stick our head in the sand and pretend that Giggs was not omitted from the semi final for no obvious reason? Surely, United fans deserve to get some sort of an explanation.

  30. Frank if u want it in black & white then hear u go:

    Last week a high profile professional footballer took out a superinjunction to protect his identity in public after the scum press had evidence he had cheated on his wife with a semi famous model. This player is said to have a “wholesome family image”.

    So if u want your reason as to why our Number 11 was omitted from the squad and why the press couldn’t legally as Sir Alex anything, then please join the bloody dots

    Google or twitter could have aided ur curiosity before u published this.

    Id say all money paying reds would want u to kill this post

  31. OK Rob B, the first inkling I got of all this was when I read the story you quoted from. It raised my curiosity – and suspicions, which is why I was hoping that someone may have known something to rule Giggs out. Is the alternative to close our eyes to the whole thing and pretend that what we don’t like to hear will simply go away if we ignore it?

  32. U are totally missing the point. Firstly, we are not allowed to discuss this legally, and secondly you are asking a question that the club cannot answer. You sound like a tabloid…’dont we deserve answers!’

    If u wish me to rip this article to shreds and prove a few points then please continue, but don’t give us all this bury your head in sand crap. I am not naive. The MUFC fanbase is not naive. At this time there is nothing to discuss on the matter in this type of forum

    If u wish to write an article on the matter then that I would understand. You would be foolish to do so but I would understand. However, one only has to read the title of this piece and then study its content to understand you’re trying to light the touch paper. If u truly didn’t know of the giggs story and now u do, then u should do the right thing.

    That’s unless u have ambitions to write for The Mirror

  33. I really cannot understand why this has descended into a slanging match Rob! Ambitions to write for The Mirror? At my age and from thousands of miles away? Hardly likely. Please read the original article again and tell me what’s so offensive about it except for raising a couple of legitimate questions.

    Whether you believe it or not, just like many, many other United fans, I had absolutely no inkling of the “Giggs story” until I read the article in the weekend papers. Please explain to me how the ‘title of this piece’ is lighting torch papers? Was the absence of Giggs from at least the Wembley bench not a mystery to most supporters who knew absolutely nothing about what appeared in the following days headlines? Can you blame them for being curious?

  34. I’m not slanging anyone

    You now know the reason so your curiosity should be satisfied

    It’s up to u if u keep the article up. I know what fellow MUFC fans have said about this piece

    Many thanks

  35. Better remove it frank I know Rob an he’s well ard!! Him an his boys made Rooney resign against his will, don’t mess with the Red Mafia Frank get rid now. Even if your in Indo China there will be a member in a bush waiting to put a cap in yo ass!

  36. Nah weren’t me that made Rooney re-sign that was someone else who claimed that.

    No hard feelings Frank

  37. Hey robsanob – Do you HONESTLY think that I’m going to do anything which I don’t feel is right? This has become too stupid for words mate!

  38. I cant resist, thats one of the funniest posts i have ever read.Robsanob at 12.51.Classic. 😀

  39. Rob B, let’s face it. This is all about what we both want best for Manchester United – nothing else matters

  40. i know im delayed and wat not..
    Firstly i didnt kno of the scandal news and it was this article that made me research it and i dont particularly see wat wrong this articles doing.

    Secondly regarding the scandal.. One cant assume that the only ‘family man’ in the whole of premier league is giggs. And also it says that she met ‘the mystery guy’ in a club in LONDON september last year.

    This shows that its not neccesarily giggsy unless hes the only family man in the premier league and he loves to visit london nightclubs often.

  41. Just to reinforce your comment ridwan7. A quick look at the fixtures shows that United had no game in London during September. Does that fact prove anything? Of course not, but it must raise even more doubt.

  42. Its not about being afraid of reality Frank. Its simply a matter of Manchester United supporters not wanting rumours being spread about Ryan Giggs at a pivotal time in the season. Could you not leave your “search for the truth” until the season is over? This sort of distraction would be the last thing the manager and the players need at this time. Hence the fact that true United fans are requesting to let it go. Your insistance on writing this and defending it gives the impression that you do not care about the club and are more interested in getting your own name recognised. If your claim that you just want whats best for the club was true this article wouldn’t exist.

  43. sw i dont think theres any point lambasting frank
    I didnt know of this news so i found this article helpful and positive. Theres no point having a go at him hes just trying to get news and his thoughts across. U can start ur own blog if u dont agree with him .

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