65 thoughts on “The mystery of Ryan Giggs Wembley absence

  1. If it is him then he should be ashamed of himself !! It’s players like that that give players like super Mario a bad name

  2. Hes been shaggin imogen thats y he was left out. Busy explaining his antics to his lovely wife!!

  3. Indeed Steve. This super-injunction brought more attention. I believe some websites have been closed down because of this story. Well, if he didn’t the public to know, he didn’t have to s**g that woman. He gets what he deserves. What’s wrong with those men “s******g” like hot rabbits…

  4. april 17th – you guys are good man! over a month ago and you called it. you are right though , many high profiles have affairs. None more have attracted more attention than this by trying to keep it hush. May as well have twitted it himself whilst on the job, that would have created less of a stir!

  5. Shocking some of you ranting on about wanting to protect some one who has commited adultery because he plays a good game of footy. The person who we all know it is can throw over 200 thousand on legal fees to stop it getting out but thats only a few weeks wages, and yet people who support the game struggling to pay the fees for season tickets or a match day ticket! Matt busby would turn in his grave at the disgraceful behavior of players today Players in his day played for the passion of the game not for money and publicity the men who played in the 50s had to hold a full time job down and play the game, players today couldnt lace their boots or worthy of cleaning them. As long as win the league and get and cups thats all that matters and at what ever cost!. The fans have a right to know they pay his wages !

  6. @morals, forgive my blunt opinion but you sound like a bitter, man hating woman. Can you please understand that we are in 2011 not in Sir Matt Busby’s era of 50 years ago. Women have long fought for liberation and have now got it – with both its for and against. One final point, fans have absolutely no right to know about anyones private life unless a criminal offence has been committed. Football related activities are the ONLY ones that fans pay for.

  7. I don`t understand the fascination of knowing which footballer did what. It`s their own private business, it has nothing to do with the game. Normal men cheat on their wives/gf’s almost all the time, but just because someone is well known it becomes a different case. Leave the people alone and let them live their life.

  8. if your in the public eye and you dont wanna get your name tarnished in the paper keep it zipped up simple dont go crying to judges take it like a man look a mr woods just come out and say jheezze im a weak man who likes a bit of welsh rarebit 😉

  9. @ Frank.

    Hmmm, you say paying fans have no right to anything non football related? you could be right. this does as it led to you asking the question as to why a player didnt play in the first place. the fact is a player didnt play due to non football activities, that then makes them activities football related…. Id also add that his name has been traded as a wholesome family image & he has made money from fans on the back of that. The very nature of being a public figure & trading on an image means if that image isnt what it actually is then the public have every right to know

  10. @Frank, Giggs left the woman out to dry, and hid behind his millions. Millions which he accrued by giving out his “family nice guy” image.

    I’ve nowt againt MU, they’re a fantastic team and deserved to win the title, but Giggs has thrown away 15 years of goodwill by getting it out when he should have kept it in.

    BTW, it’s now public, he’s been named in the House of Commons.

  11. There cannot be any doubt that comments like the ones from Ridcully, pigbrother and others carry some valid points. What I take issue against however is that Giggs accrued his “Millions by giving out his “family nice guy” image.” WRONG! The financial and every other success Giggs has accrued is solely due to his football ability over two decades.

    There are thousands of footballers at all levels who present a “family nice guy image” and rightly so. Have they picked up a fraction of the rewards Giggs has over the years?

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