163 thoughts on “What To Do With The 35 Year Banner?

  1. What about a banner going up about the amount of money yoonited have made out of the Munich tragedy?

    MMM Thought not-Fucking red bastards. And I can vouch for the “men in black” who were assaulting kids after the semi..You thugs fucking hit my 11 yr old with his back turned because he had Tevez on the back of his shirt..To me , you will always be a fucking hated club especially after this…To cap it all the morons even cheered when he started crying…If there was ever a time I could have hurt someone it was then..Being a proper man I just picked him up and walked away…Scum..United fucking scum…Tom-What about an article on the anti heysel t-shirts? Thought not you red bastards.

  2. Do what you like with it. It no longer means anything and to turn it into something else will make you look like the new bitters in town.

  3. Grow up yeh its been a bit of fun over the years but time has moved on.As not one of your so called bitters whoes now an OAP take the thing down.We have two great teams and clubs in Manchester let just be thankful.

  4. it took you ‘ 24’ years to win the league dont forget before you give it the big i am
    or did football only start in the 90 ‘s

  5. Strange that the FA Cup is valueless in some united fans eyes. So does that mean that United have not won a treble then. It became valueless when City Beat United in the Semi and when United disgracefully chose to not enter the FA Cup because they were more interested in a Cup which was totally valueless in many peoples eyes but it was a decision based on MONEY, the very thing that City are being accused of having corruptly..Hmmm The unsafe meat that Mr. Edwards was selling to the public was by far more corrupt!!!!

  6. Keep it up! Replace it with 19! Give it to West Ham! Use it to clean Salford up! Choice is for you fella! I would have expected more creativity here from you. The Blue Moon is rising…except and compete!
    Chin up!

  7. As a city fan for over 50 years. I think we should just take time to reflect on how good it is for the city of Manchester that both of our clubs have made this progress this season. I think that United will be beaten by a far superior Barcelona ( no gloating just an a opinion )Apologies to the author for the tasteless comments but just have the good grace to do what every geniune United fan would wish, take down the banner and respect our FA cup achievement! Hands up youve been the best side in town for many years I can’t see us winning 19 titles in my lifetime. Well done all you Mancs. CTID


  9. Now that we’ve lost at least 5 of ‘r songs i suggest we return more often to the good old fashioned visceral ones that show the vitriol we hold the Berties in ala the emphatic: “We f!ckin hate Citeh…” Some of these cockney influenced songs like “my old man” do my head in too so we should ditch ’em along with the now defunct ones. What to do with the banner? Well it seems to have escaped everyone’s mind that it’s now 5 yrs (yes 5 YEARS!) since the scousers won anything which is a very nice round number to begin with. Delete the “3” and show 5 about to turn to 6 yrs etc as, despite their honeymoon period under “King” Kenny which appears to be fooling everyone, I can’t see the scouse tw!ts winning anything for a VERY LONG TIME…perhaps NEVER AGAIN! This would hurt the bin dippers a lot more than it could have ever hurt Citeh because the scousers have “loved & lost”, know what it’s like to dominate & consistently pick up trophies…to Citeh it was beginning to just be a number because hardly any of ’em had ever tasted success unless they were coffin dodgers! Can u imagine how funny it’d be hearin d comments of d twats on the Kop saying “YER WAT, THEY’VE PUT THAT FUCKIN BANNER UP BOUT US, THE FUCKIN MANCKY BLERTS”…LMFAO!

  10. Funny how the FA Cup is not worth anything nowadays. Story at the time was that it saved SAF’s job when in his 4th full season Man U won one. It was a few years after that that United won the league. Don’t tell me that he didn’t buy players either. Steve Bruce, Viv Anderson, Jim Leighton and Brian McLair didn’t come through the youth team. I have no dispute though he is a great manager and you have been the far better team in Manchester for a long time.
    Honourable thing to do would be to take it down. You didn’t put a disclaimer by it to say that (The FA Cup or the Coca Cola don’t count etc etc).
    Banter is banter and it’s your banner so fair enough your talking about it. Though it was hardly a classy thing for the club to put up or endorse. Makes your moaning about the “welcome to Manchester” a little hypocritical. Tom comes across all sensible until the obvious is pointed out. Tag’s ! Why put on a Man City tag unless you want traffic from News Now Man City ? Don’t pretend to be thick. I only came here cos of that tag not because i look at your site normally.
    I am from Manchester and went to school with 45% City, 45% United and 10% others or not interested. I have family members who support you. We all have idiot fans who do stupid things. Those who sing the German City word. Those (Like Republic of Mancunia who sell Heysel T shirts) sing awful songs like My Old Man…. great one for respect that ain’t it ? Doesn’t say much for you either My Dad is a City fan and wanted to take me i told him to go away !! Just really says your a glory hunter.
    I am a City fan because i was taken by my Granddad and Uncles to Maine Road. I am hardly gonna say what you suggest to him.
    I was working in Weymouth when you played in the Bayern Munich final. I jumped for joy when you won. Funny though, most of the Southerners in there were supporting Bayern. A great team, great comeback and well done. I will be supporting you against Barca.

  11. Why not add a few noughts to the 35 and the word “IN DEBT” at the bottom??

    Or you could stick it on eBay to raise some money for the Glazer charity?


  12. man utd have won the fa cup more times than any one, its not worth winning
    any more? who won it in 2007 Portsmouth says everything about the cup.
    so at last you have won a cup. enjoy it. it might be your last for a while
    phil born in manchester.
    i think all those who have commented on the munich disaster, just shows
    what type of supporters you lot are. the sick people. get help now
    ps i have a stoke city scarve for sale?


    Just a quick one, “City Massive” I assume your use of the word massive is being used as an attempt at irony, if you refer to your new fans guide on your official site, I believe you are all free to use Massive as an adjective again, so go nuts. Blue moon rising indeed….

  14. Thanks for your comments everyone, some have obviously been more informed, educated and humane than others, but I’ll post my “riposte” once I have some time free this evening. Now piss off, I’m sick of having to log in and approve all these comments.

  15. In response to your first posted reply – I have got a life, I’m 42 years of age, married with kids,… I have a degree, I’m a professional person, I’ve got Man City friends and I also believe in Jesus… 43 YEARS does it for me!

  16. no mention of my blog re your thugs Tom…Arrr yes..None so blind as those that dont want to see!!

    Red bastards the lot of yu..Keep the banner up..please

  17. Right you bastards.

    @City Blue (and others): I don’t run this site, I didn’t set it up, I only figured out how to post the articles I write on heer a few months ago. I used to have to get the boss to do it. I thought those tags were for organising our posts, like an index. I couldn’t give a damn if you don’t believe me, you’re just some anonymous keyboard warrior.

    @ whoever was on about United fans beating up City fans on Saturday. So you judge the many by the few, is that it? I thought United fans were just a bunch of southern, prawn sandwich eaters? If we want to tar everyone with the same brush, why not talk about the City fans that stabbed another City fan for trying to stop them beating up a West Ham fan in front of his son? Every club has nobhead fans, the proportions can vary but there isn’t much difference.

    @CCcracker: “That banner was meant to be negative and nasty. The fact that it was put up and allowed by the management of Old Trafford shows that from top to bottom the Man United club are low-class, tasteless, graceless and without dignity in their previous success.”

    Listen to yourself, you precious little thing. Like Frank said, if Italy or France put a banner up taking the piss out of England, would anyone kick off like this? No. You’re just looking for an excuse to vent your hatred, shut it.

    @bluerichy: “£1BN isn’t that your debt?
    How does that work with financial fair play.
    We pay for our players up front…you amount huge sums of debt
    and have more £30m players in your squad than city do.
    Financial fair play doesn’t work.”

    Clearly you’re not qualified not comment on this matter, so don’t. I don’t talk about cricket, or rugby, or whatever else I don’t know much about, for a reason. It’s called perspective, modesty and rationality. Learn it.

    Our debt isn’t £1bn, it’s about half that. FFF is focussed on looking at turnover and expenditure, ensuring that clubs don’t spend beyond their means, and they use disqualification from UEFA competitions as the stick to enforce this rule.

    City’s wage bill is more than your turnover, a bit of a problem. United, despite our debt and interest payments that come with it, still have a very good business model, we turn a good profit. Debt isn’t a problem if you can afford to make the repayments. Have you or anyone you know ever got a mortgage? Same thing. The problem is the United fans are getting screwed in one of the biggest buy-to-let schemes in history, hence the protests. Oh what, you going to criticise us for the protests? Jog on.

    If you want to educate yourself on City’s financial position (and it’s not all bad, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to squeeze a profit soon), then read some articles on Swiss Ramble. I’d post the links below, but I think it may do you good to find them yourself.

    @alex blue: Cashing in on Munich? Really? You gonna throw that mud at any club that’s held some sort of service or made some sort of a memorial for a tragedy that has fallen upon their club? Torino, Bradford, Rangers, Liverpool? And in case you can’t tell, it isn’t this site that sells t-shirts that mention Heysel, it’s RoM. You knew it, so go and take it up with him.

    Again, judging the many by the actions of the few. Why don’t you just call everyone from Pakistan a terrorist and everyone from America a moron? Actually, scratch that, you seem like the type that probably does.

    @paul: You know it was the FA’s idea for us to not enter the world cup so we could enter that World Club Championship? You do realise that, right? In fact, you may have known about that, but you were probably banking on someone else not picking it out so you could get away with your lies.

    The FA cup’s not valueless to me, hell, I want them to make the Carling Cup an under-21 tournament, increase the prize money for the FA Cup, decrease the allocation of teams to European competition and make the FA Cup a route to the CL so as to increase its value again. Oh, and make the FA Cup Final the last game of the season, always. But I don’t think anyone can disagree with the fact that it’s behind the PL and CL.

    Oh, and anyone who thinks that Fergie has done nothing but “buy” success, I suggest you read Pay As You Play, which, ironically, is written by Paul Tomkins, a Liverpool fan. Will soon shut you up.

    Right, is that all? If there’s anyone who’s upset that I’ve missed them out, let me know and you can have my two cents as well.

  18. Edit: Should say FA’s idea for us not to enter the FA Cup. Hopefully, though, you figured that out.

  19. Why not just set the banner to “0” and start counting again? Why do anything else with it? Its a banner that counts the years since City’s last silverware.

    I’ll tell you why that’s not option 4. Because it would be a great big advert for City, it suddenly reminds utd fans how small-minded they are, and it’s no longer an effective insult.

    Or you could give it to City, so they don’t have to make their own. Tick tock,

  20. Or maybe you’re just an over-sensitive, precious little thing, and if any other club ever came up with anything like this you’d be lauding it’s ingenuity and hilarious originality.

    The older, more sensible fans of yours don’t seem to mind it, I suggest you learn from them.

    “Well I suggest you learn from…” Fuck off.

  21. I’m a city fan, and I like the banner. In fact I love it – now.

    Man Utd fans are clearly the ones who don’t like their own banner anymore. Hence this article, and options 1, 2 and 3. Removing the banner is a humiliating, public climbdown, to prevent further humiliation.

    Just keep it up, reading “0”. Otherwise it looks like you can dish it out, but you can’t take it. It could well be up to 5 again in 5 years. City are still City. Let the TV camera show close-ups of it every OT game.

    Its not quite so funny now, is it, Utd fans?

  22. I didn’t think of your proposed option, hence why I asked for more thoughts. In hidnsight it seems like a blatantly obvious one to miss out, and I think, in a lot of ways, it makes sense. We counted the years, you won a trophy, stop counting, take it down. Or, as you said, reset it to 0.

    But jokes can’t last forever, we knew that. As soon as the Sheikh took over, it was a look all round of, “Oops, guess that banner isn’t gonna be up much longer, eh? Oh well, it was a good laugh” Of course it’s unfortunate for us to see a good joke and mickey take come to an end, but nothing last forever (not even herpes).

    And yeah, let the TV cameras show close-ups of it. As someone pointed out above, ours is going to become one of the biggest and most viewed rivalries in world football, close-ups of a banner showing “0” will be testamant to that.

  23. Replace it with a “43” banner.

    or :

    2) The City Is Yours? Are You Sure? – With 20,000 empty seats, are you fucking sure?

    3) citeh: Massive club. Massive fans. Massive cunts. (c)

  24. Frankly, I’m shocked that Utd fans would want to publicly discuss this in front of Man City fans, who are all bathing in the glory of Newsnow at work. They’re gloating at your discomfort over your own banner. Its now become an embarrassing advert for City inside old Trafford.

    The Sky cameras are going to zoom in on it every home match. Or zoom in on the empty space.

    Options 1, 2 or 3 are just going to make you look like bad sports, changing your own sign’s meaning.

    I’m sure you thought about this day when you put the sign up. Oh

  25. Utd fans have had a lot of years of enjoyment from that sign.

    Taking it down after all that time will make it look like arsenal-style sour grapes, just because City beat them in the semi final, and a few players embarrassed themselves by surrounding Balotelli like he was a referee.

    If your club take down or change the meaning of that officially-sanctioned banner, it will tell us that you’re really embarrassed by it now.

  26. You did think about what you would do with the banner when this day came, didn’t you?


  27. Ahhh Manchester City and their priceless fans. Feeding off the scraps of our dinner table for so long. Sooo so many false dawns, so entrenched in misery and bitterness that they have been harping on about their “greatness” to come for so long it has been boring…FINALLY they have a cup in the cabinet they can focus on something other than RED!

    Sadly though….reality is a bitch for the moon rising because: –

    * United are and will always be the bigger club.
    * We are unrivalled commercially and the debt is inconsequencial. We will be bought out sooner or later, and we manage just fine with it.
    * UEFA Financial fair play is a comin to nullify the shiekh and his billion’s. Did you actually think he would just write off £120 million a year?! hahahaha
    * You have an empty (part council owned) ground and have to advertise on the radio to semi fill it outside of the derby.
    * It says ‘Sir Alex Ferguson’ on the managers door at Old Trafford.

    Savour this moment…cause its business as usual next year

  28. Please just it to us !
    We will keep it, put it up with pride so we rememebr how Loyal we all were !

  29. Actually, I’d just like to congratulate the United fan/s who created this banner. It was a brilliant idea, as was the ‘This is our City’ poster. Ruffling a few feathers of opposing teams is healthy and unless it is insulting – using the ‘M’ word, for example – then it’s all good. Why? Simply look at what you are reading. It’s brilliant. It’s passionate. It’s funny (especially some of the terrible grammar and spelling). It stokes the fires and gets the banter going. The day football banter dies, as too, will my love of football. I’m a Blue of 33 years and I am still celebrating OUR success. I will be doing so for a long time to come. As for United’s title win, well done. Congratulations, also, for reaching the CL Final. The only thing I am gutted about, is the fact that the title was decided on the same day as the FA Cup final. I remember the days when it was a family thing… noon and everyone gathers round the watch the box to absorb the build up, regardless of who was representing the Final… the songs, the bad suits, the arrivals etc. This year, MY year, I think I had about ten minutes for a quick toilet stop and open another can before the match started (I now live in Thailand and therefore going to the Final wasn’t an option). However, I think this is another story for another day.

    As what to do with the banner (the supposed topic), I would now take it down, as it has served its purpose, and create something else to get us Blues going. You know City are getting better (though one trophy is, of course, just the start), and you may have to get a little more creative now. Don’t just talk about our failure throughout my whole City life… until now, of course.

    Anyway, keep up the banter AND the banners!

  30. I love the way they pretend they hate us. I think it’s almost healthy for them. We’ve handed them a unifying purpose; something real to hold onto. They know they’re a plastic club and this opportunity to despise a team that’s actually loved by the people of Manchester is everything they’ve ever craved.

    Let’s pretend we hate City: David May, arguably the greatest defender in United’s history, keeps getting his anaemic ginger head on every TV and radio show that are desperate enough to pallet his gut wrenching, monotone Blackburn accent. He was that bad at United you could almost class him as a Blue; Phil Neville going at Manchini. Screaming profanity till he was hoarse. I thought he was going to cry. His hatred is as mystifying as it is synthetic.

    The manner in which Ronney’s derby goal was celebrated proved that this fixture is now their cup final. Their pseudo following creeping back down the M6, distancing themselves from the club and the fans they now all pretend to despise.

    You’re in a CLF at the weekend and all you can think about is City. Why do you hate us? 80% have never met a city fan.

  31. Thomas, I like your idea of the 19-2. It shows that you are obsessing about us because you know we are now your major threat. You’re all worrying and you know it.

    As for the financial fair play rules, don’t worry, we have that covered now we’ve finished in the CL places.

    Tick Tock Tick Tock.

  32. Yeah, league champions for the fourth time in five years and in the CL final for the third time in four years. Shitting myself mate.

  33. So why you going on about the banner it’s only little old us, but you lot just keep going on and on. It’s quite amusing to watch.

  34. Read above, I can’t be arsed repeating everything I’ve said.

    The article was written, as is obvious, to see what other United fans think should be done with the banner. United fans don’t have a secret, underground gathering lair where we can gather everyone’s thoughts, this is what the internet’s for. So what, you think we should just not talk about it, bury heads in the sand etc. ‘Cause I’m sure we’ve get stick for that as well.

    Read the comments above, it’s the City fans coming out with the bile.

  35. Great post Dennis Farrell, that’s what football SHOULD be all about. All this Tick Tock nonsense is no more than juvenile wishful thinking. Let’s keep the healthy rivalry going because TWO successful clubs in Manchester can only be good for football

  36. Do what you like with the banner. I think it says more about a section of Utd fans than it does about City. When things go beyond banter to obsession I think football loses something. And (for the attention of my fellow blues)that includes this incessant reference to Munich. People died FFS including Big Frank.
    Onwards and upwards.

  37. I never objected to you talking about it just going on and on and on about it. Your not really actually talking about the banner now are you, just responding to comments. Some people have made crass and some bad comments, but as i think you yourself has said we both have examples of bad fans. I am with Dennis Farrell on this, healthy rivalry and banter is good. I would never want you to go down as beating you is far better than talking about beating you. Whilst losing to you is just expected at the moment.
    I live in Birmingham and there is an interesting but lesser parallel Villa fans wanted Blues kept in the Championship. The City has been much more vibrant since the BCFC have been in the PL.
    It is interesting that all the MCFC fans here in Birmingham grew up in Manchester whilst i only know one United fan who did. One who went to Uni in Manchester, but he chose that place because he was already a United fan.
    I have just read your “right you bastards” multi response. Quite agree with most of it and where i didn’t it is opinion not fact. I think your right to say about Fergie winning with just buying your right. Conversely those who say he won without buying are wrong too.
    The FFP is very interesting and i have been a subscriber to The Swiss Rambler for some time thanks. I am though also a lawyer and whilst European law is not my specialism it is fairly easy to see that FFP breaches the Treaty of Rome as it perpetuates monopolies. It has also not kicked in as yet in full so will take some time to work through. I agree that the United model works well at the moment. If, lets say you weren’t as successful then the debt burden which you rightly say is around £500m in capital with annual interest on top, can become more problematic.
    I like your views on the Carling Cup and the FA Cup btw.
    Presumably now you know about tags, which i will give you the benefit of the doubt on, you won’t be tagging Man City again ?

  38. @Ian: Thanks for your sensible and informed response. Of course I’m going to respond to the comments, some people have said some ridiculous things and I couldn’t help myself but to offer my two cents on what they’ve said.

    You, and Dennis, are spot on about the rivalry. Whilst some people above have clearly moved from rivalry to hatred, I’m always one to watch out for the free-speech oppressors so that such rivalries will never be artifically kept down.

    Would be nice to hear the thoughts on FFP from a lawyer, I myself am an auditor and therefore (nearly!) a part-qualified accountant, and it seems to be people from my profession who are doing writing most of the articles about the issue.

    I agree that it would be a problem if United were to drop off slightly in terms of on-pitch success, hence the protests, we’ve been lucky in that our rivals have been shooting themselves in the feet so much these past few years.
    But this talk by the less rational City fans about our inevitable collapse is getting tiresome, especially when they don’t know the facts.

    Regarding the tags, I guess I’ll make sure I only tag City when your input is required, rather than when antagonism of you lot seems to be the motive.

  39. I am not that bothered about the Tags – how would we have debate without seeing what other people say.
    I certainly don’t say your collapse is inevitable or to be welcomed. I know the reasonable United fan is worried about a number of factors like Ferguson retiring which has to happen sometime (please!!), more competition from other clubs and your own squad changing, leading to less success and therefore less income to service the debt. We will see on that one. Neither club or indeed any of the top 5 or 6 want to break ffp as they i feel sure see it as a way of bringing down the wages of the players. Something that does need to happen (even though we are currently big culprits on this) for the good of the game as a whole.
    I am always more scared of the auditors coming in than the accountants !!

  40. Thanks @ Frank Scicluna
    Also, Great comments from Ian & Tom.

    @ Tom… you mentioned how did City fans find this thread?
    Well, as a Blue (living abroad), I often look at http://www.newsnow.co.uk/h/Sport/Football/Premier+League/Manchester+City (please delete this if you cannot mention sites – I’m not sure if you can)

    This provides headlines to ALL things Man City related on the Internet (obviously, this can be changed to any team). Your thread carried reference to Man City and therefore was on this (search engine?) site. I opened it with great interest. Anyway, my point is, many fans will find threads like this in a similar fashion and don’t always ‘look’ for threads of rival teams to cause trouble. Though, unfortunately, some do.

    In any case, as I said before, it makes for good reading and keeps the interest of football going, when there isn’t any action on the pitch. Imagine being in the pub on a Saturday night and everyone supported the same team? There wouldn’t be much to talk about, unless you like shopping or something. Friends who support other teams add spice to the evening. It’s good, in my opinion, that fans of many teams DO read and comment. Just a shame it is spoiled by a few. Funny thing is, if everyone who has commented on here were to be in the same pub on a Saturday night (though it would have to be a big pub, granted), I’m sure most would become good friends… with good banter of course. Threads like this keep you invisible and, for some, they take advantage of this.

    Keep up the ‘healthy’ banter!

  41. the fa cup means nothing these day??
    i can tell you bitter cunts really think this..if it “means nothing” then why did Rio ferdinand have a hissy fit at the end of the game??
    why were your fans nearly crying??
    and why did you trash your dressing room??

    this article proves how obsessed you lot are really becoming with us!

    two words city fans use lately to desribe united fans…

    they know.

  42. I love the comment about the millions of corrupt pounds. Could somebody remind me whose chairman made money by bribing school officials and feeding meat deemed unfit for human consumption to school kids?

  43. Two wrongs don’t make a right you know?

    I’ll reciprocate the other comments in due course.

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