2 thoughts on “2013/14: The season so far

  1. truly a season about to be lost. team play starts from the top but after last weekend the lack of leadership is a dissapointment. Change is always difficult but under Sir Alex we did not see flares in the stands by ManU fans nor antics such as Smallings. I think he “demanded” and received the best from all players. Not sure that is happening now. Sure there are injuries but there is no sense of real play.In the past we expected to win or at least be a threat to any team. Now? Not so as it seems there is no respect for ManU. Almost expecting a loss with each match. Just trying to see how low can we go! When and 18 year old is the fire of the team it bespeaks very poorly of coaching. Sure many years at Everton–but that speaks for itself! 🙂 Felanni was a bust from the get go. Creative mid-field is non-existent!!! Am a loyal fan for many years and although a Yank have traveled to the UK several times to watch ManU play. Sad year!

  2. I’m happy with the season so far. No feelings of complacency, however, always on tenterhooks with the lads. It will take a while for the team to climb back to the top of the heap. It will take a while for outside players (and their agents) to be reassured of the club’s potential in the Champion’s League, never mind the EPL.

    Do not expect the team to win anything this season, but they can still finish on a high note. Not making the CL cut will not represent an end of days scenario, just the proverbial kick up the backside for the slackers. Next season, the cupboard will be spring-cleaned, but the trophy cabinet will not be bare.


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