Football justice has to be just for all

Manchester United Youth team captain Paul Pogba stepped up to take a penalty during the FA Youth Cup quarter final against Liverpool at Anfield. The spot kick was successfully converted but referee David Coote judged him to have feinted during his run up. The giant midfielder received a yellow card in accordance with ‘Fifa rules’, and being his second one of the game, was sent off despite furious protests. Now cast your mind back to the Jamie Carragher vicious tackle on Nani at the same ground seven days earlier.

Shut up and do something constructive Mr Blatter

So FIFA President Sepp Blatter found a need to open his big, corrupt mouth on the weekend to comment on Wayne Rooney’s elbow incident at Wigan. “This is up to the discretion of the national association” he was quoted as saying “they can use video evidence in the discipline and control committee. If there’s violence the national association can intervene and punish a player – this is permitted. The FA should have thrown the book at him”.

Selective video hypocrisy is what pisses me off

Nothing pisses me off in football more than hypocrisy! Example, January 27, 2010 “Video evidence, which shows Ferdinand striking Hull City’s Craig Fagan with an arm means that the Manchester United skipper must plead either precedent or accident at the hearing” The outcome? “That panel increased the mandatory three match ban by one game because Ferdinand’s challenge to the FA charge was deemed to be frivolous.” Ok, let’s for a moment accept that it was a fair decision.