4 thoughts on “Andy Cole tells Fergie "Don't waste your money"

  1. Berbatov scored 23 and 22 in all competitions at spurs and then 14 and 12 in all compeitions at utd so already cole’s stats are on shaky ground. what was his excuse in the first season then, if its not one thing its always another. utd could sign 1 striker to do the same job both owen and berbatov have unsucesfuly been doing, scoring and creating and being flexible enough to play in any of fergie’s preferred systems so they won’t be left out when utd switch. benzema, suarez, balotelli could all do that job and utd don’t need 2 inflexible strikers, one of whom is a top earner on big money, failing to make a big enough impact. as it right rooney is the only striker utd know they can truly rely on to score the goals when then the team really needs him to.

  2. i think Andy Cole is wrong because united have to buy one quality strikers like suarez or benzema if they have to win epl and uefa chams. league if they don’t buy any of this strikers they will be on same position like last season, and if rooney injured again then only god can help them so buy quality and win trophies.

  3. Being a simple Scots lad I believe if he gets vocal support he will deliver I am refering to Dimatar.
    I simply cant understand shouting down a player in the team, it goes against everything I think the word supporter means.
    Well said though Andy, Javier Hernandez is gonna be hot!

  4. I actually think we will be okay in the striker departmant. There is enough depth and variation there for us to be okay. Hernandez will need some time but offers something completely different to Berba or Rooney in that he is a proper poacher who will play on last shoulder of defences. Its midfield I think we need to strenghten, particularly now as Hargreaves has had another setback. Also, we need to be looking at a playmaker who can pick a pass or unlock a defence. Ozil anyone?

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