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  1. I like how most of the comments (or at least the ones I read near the top) are from the top. Sure, you don’t care, that’s fine.

  2. Roman abramovich has spent billions over the last 8 years,cud of bought any player in the world just like ciddy cud yet united have still won more leagues and champions leagues than them,in those 8 years. This will continue along the same lines with ciddy..you will forever be in our shadow and deep down all you deluded berties know it.as for the banner it would of rolled on for another 35 years but for a rich arab family!! That is why ciddy will never get the respect that united do for winning things.we waned r money buy putting arses on seats n filling r ground.this city is yours? 20,000 empty seats r u f**kin sure!!!get a grip.

  3. You weren’t getting the crowds to start with and whilst you quote the 20k empty seats are average attendance is well over 40k i.e. over 95% full. You never advertised for games it was always a sell out (sic) but now you advertise. Success pulls people in and “if” we get it, and i have the humility to admit it is an if then we will pull people in. That is obvious from the fact that average attendance at Maine Road was 32k whereas now it is now above 40k. If we get CL football via play off’s or 3rd place then that will pull in far more than the Thursday night trophy. Seeing RM, Barcelona etc etc has far more pull than Aris etc. Already in Leicester where i live there are Man City shirts appearing far more than student numbers here would suggest. We will get the glory hunters like you, Liverpool and Arsenal. I walk passed a couple of schools to get to work and there are City shirts on the kids.
    The really interesting fact or point no one has considered is that if you didn’t have the debt, would anyone have caught you. It’s an anchor that keeps you mired down for the others to reach. Cheers to the Glazer’s for that !!
    To answer your question though, do what you like with the banner. Though, i read somewhere that the club have already taken it down.

  4. Oh and total trophy count 40-10.knock us off r perch (sir Ryan giggs has won more prem titles than hav total trophies in their entire history!!!!! Ha ha ha)

  5. Now then.

    @Ian: I agree, a big worry is what happens once Fergie retires/dies (same thing?) However, I really think that he could go on for another 5-10 years, the man’s a machine, a beast. Of course another worry for us is, say for example, Fergie’s successor doesn’t do to well, we slip down the table and, who knows, maybe finish 5th or lower (although I can’t see it getting that bad). I don’t think there’d be much chance of us servicing our debts, and we may do a Liverpool and have the bank kick the owners out. But our revenues really are pretty massive. FFP though is going to stop another Chelsea or City emerging, so cheers UEFA.

    Not sure about the wages argument, wouldn’t that be against EU law as well (you’d know!) I’m worried about how this free market that is global football escalating beyond the reach of the common man, something I’ve touched on here:


    I’ve never been on the audit of a legal practice, although I think I’m on one in a few months, I’ve heard that the problem is that there’s no materiality levels when auditing a legal practice (materiality being the “that amount is too small to give a damn about” threshold). That’s gonna be a right pain!
    Regarding these stories that the banner is coming down, having had time to dwell on it, and based on all that’s been written in the comments section of this article, I think that may be the best course of action. As I said above, the joke’s done, it was a good laugh.

    @Dennis: Thanks for the valuable input mate, it’s most appreciated.

    I’ve been shown this newsnow site now, have set is as one of my homepage tabs (for United of course!)

    You’re so right about that pub analogy, I bet everyone here wouldn’t be half as venomous in a pub as they are behind their screens and keyboards and made up names. I was on about this on Twitter last night with Rob Marrs from Left Back In The Changing Room, these people who hide behind pseudonyms are just cowards. I understand that some do it because they want to say what they want without having to fear about unfair retribution from maybe their employer or random psychos, but in a way it’s living a sort of a double life, Satanic Verses style.

    @mancblue: Scroll up to see my views on the FA Cup. I haven’t heard many United fans say it’s worthless, some may have done in a half-sarcastic kind of way to try and belittle your achievement, but you can’t deny that it’s below the league and CL.

    @Redred: Think you’ve hit the nail on the head there mate. They say they don’t care, they say we’re obsessed, yet they comment with such venomous outbursts. I dunno, double-standards and hypocrisy galore. I just think some are looking for an excuse to vent their anger at United. Even David Platt came out today (not in that way) and told City fans to stop hating United so much. I know he’s not the voice of all City fans, but there must be some smoke behind that fire.

    @K stand red: You’re right. United’s spending from the 90’s was financed by internally generated funds based on our fanbase. City’s has been funded from an exogenous source. I’m not saying they don’t have a big fanbase, but I’d certainly consider Liverpool with a 60,000 seater stadium more of a threat than City with a 60,000 seater stadium. Level out the playing field, take out the sugar daddies, and your United’s, Liverpool’s and Arsenal’s will slowly start pulling away (unless some funds are redistributed evenly throughout the league).

    Now I know the argument against that will be, “But United started the Premiership gravy train and cashed in on it first at the expense of loads of other clubs.” Well one, wasn’t it the chairman of every club who was at that historic meeting with Sky? Didn’t they all agree? And two, would you really want football to be like what it was in the 80’s, with every club running at a loss? There’s nothing wrong with getting more money into football to help teams survive and become more sustainable businesses, the problem is when this escalates out of control and ruins the competitive advantage of the league and prices out working class fans.

    @CiTid: I think you’re forgetting the “Glazer effect” here. I know many die-hard reds who don’t go to home games anymore on account of the Glazer’s. Look at FC United. Pretty much all United fans that we’ve lost (or ones that were banned….) You’re right about the Glazer’s, they have been an anchor, I don’t want to dwell on what could have been but I really think we’d have won five titles in a row (i.e., we’d have won it last season as well) if it weren’t for them. Fergie, Ronaldo and others have been behind our success in the last 5 years, not them.

  6. My point about the FFP was to do with the Clubs agreeing to it because it gives them leverage to reduce wages or at least not pay even more ott than they do at the moment. A planned wage cap probably would be against EU rules but i am not totally convinced on that as they have them in rugby league, whatever that is. FFP is itself i believe against EU law but it requires a complaint to the commission or a test case taken by a club. I believe that will happen if anyone was actually banned from CL.
    On Solicitors audit, that is not quite right. We have pretty strict rules but there is a de minimis rule and we have to get permission from the SRA to dispose of small amounts. It is a pain in the A.
    I agree that CiTid does not take into account the Glazer effect in that one way of putting fans off. The other point is a good one as you say too. Anyway i am off to trawl the web for a feed to watch the game or maybe not as that might be illegal 🙂

  7. Get your point about FFP now, makes sense. There’s still some clubs out there (City included) with wages greater than turnover. Despite all the loopholes that there are going to be with FFP, that’s one that surely can’t go on much longer.

    And and least we have de minimis to play around with on a Solicitors audit, that’ll do!

    “Anyway i am off to trawl the web for a feed to watch the game or maybe not as that might be illegal”

    Welcome, everyone, to extreme irony.

  8. Why are there so many bitters on this website? Have you not got your own blogs to leave your shit bitter comments on?

    The banner should be replaced with ‘CHAMP19NS’ simples.

    Au revoir Gypsies!

  9. never read such total c… from all you bitter blues…wots this the city is ours rubbish …sorry wot was that….1 fa cup n now your a massive club ….LOL…come back when you ve won somethin oh yeh keep mancini he,s bound to give you the title LOL…oh the titles not called the 1st division anymore bitter blues its the Premier League now …never mind maybe your Shiek buddies will give another trillion to waste on more mercenaries…listen bitter blues come back when you ve won something and got some history..my advice get back to Wastlelands and show that idiot Ballotelli how to put his bib on….nnnn19…19

  10. everred i get the impression you think we are bitter.
    & Sir Matt (good name – the man who had strong connections with both clubs !) we come on this site because Tom didn’t know that tagging it man city would place his blog on the news now man city site, thereby drawing us to this site.
    Do what you want with the banner. It more shows how worried you lot are….

  11. Worried??!! You berties av got a long way to go to make us worried.as pointed out,major trophies won the score is 40-10 to united.talk about getting carried away.go on knock us off r perch!!!

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