Win or lose to Liverpool but please, NO REPLAY

Common sense dictates that Manchester United could, should and will get past the Liverpool third round FA Cup hurdle on Sunday but nothing can be taken for granted in football and there can be no better example than last season’s 0-1 home defeat by Leeds United to ram home that message. Like every other United fan, I crave defeating the Scousers and obtain safe passage to the fourth round BUT, if the unexpected should happen, I would much rather suffer a painful loss than face the prospect of an unwanted replay that in the bigger scheme of things, United can do without.

No guarantee but history points to United

It’s an absolute given that history can never be guaranteed to repeat itself but it can certainly give some encouraging signals. Manchester United has remained unbeaten in the Premier League since that controversial 2-1 defeat against eventual champions Chelsea at Old Trafford last April and have managed to finish 2010 with that 1-1 draw at St Andrews as the only team in England yet to lose a Premiership game this season. In addition, United have lost 16 points from their eight drawn matches so far, 5 fewer than Arsenal, 6 less than Manchester City and 7 than Chelsea. Not a bad advantage to take into the New Year.

The thoughts of the Best Manchester United legend

It’s amazing what can be found while doing a little bit of Googling! Four Four Two magazine asked their readers to send questions they would like to ask Manchester United legend George Best four years before he passed away in November 2005. His answers were then published in the magazine and are as interesting today as they were at that time. Some readers may have come across the answers Best gives in this article before but for those who like myself had never seen this piece, here are The Thoughts of George Best.